Frequently Asked Questions

This will depend on what the problem is. I am qualified to work with people with certain health conditions via GP exercise on prescription qualification. It maybe that after talking to you and completing a risk assessment I need a letter from your GP to give permission to exercise. It your needs fall outside the scope of my expertise then I will be honest and do my best to signpost you somewhere else. I am all about safe and effective exercise.
Training with a friend can be a great source of motivation and fun. Plus it makes getting those all important results more cost effective for you. I would recommend training with a friend who is at a similar level of fitness for sessions to be most beneficial for you both.
This is ultimately up to you. As I have said before, I value training outside whenever possible due to the additional benefits that this brings. With the right clothing for the season and weather we can adapt session as appropriate. There will be times when torrential rain and other extreme weather conditions or dark evenings mean training inside is preferable. I can bring session to you or we can agree on a suitable alternative indoor venue.
This is individual and depends on your goals, lifestyle factors such as sleep, stress levels and diet and how much exercise you do independently outside of sessions. Generally I would say at least 2 sessions a week.
This again is individual and depends on lots of factors, especially diet.
Most people see a difference in about 6 weeks as long as they are committed and prepared to work hard in and out of sessions alongside making improved dietary choices.
There will always be a minimum of 5 minutes warm up and cool down depending on health of client, age and weather conditions to name a few variables. Length of session can be either 45 minutes or an hour depending on your available time and needs.
This depends on exactly what you want, how many sessions you purchase and duration of session. You can contact me with your needs and I will get back to you.
I can also tailor packages on a monthly basis to meet individual need, including nutritional guidance, lifestyle advice and personal training sessions.
We can meet for a coffee to discuss, alternatively use the contact me section and I will get back to you as soon as I can.