Personal Fitness & Wellbeing

In A Nutshell……


I’m a fully qualified Personal Trainer specialising in female fitness programmes and classes for clients. I also advise on nutrition and weight management for clients.

I train clients in a variety of locations – from their own homes, garages and gardens to gyms, parks, workplaces and community centres. I also offer sessions from my own home, basically I’m flexible in this regard. It’s a case of what you do not where you do it!

I tailor PT programmes based on the client’s goals. I provide all training equipment including kettle bells, dumbells, barbells, swiss balls, medicine balls, pilates resistance bands, and other fab bits of kit! Believe it or not, equipment isn’t everything, and you don’t need a huge gym. I love the challenge of creating an exercise session based on my surroundings.

Please get in touch and we can go for a coffee if you would like a no obligation informal chat. Look forward to meeting you!

– Lindsey x

What are your fitness and health goals?


Do you want to feel fitter, healthier, happier and more confident in yourself?
Are you struggling with energy and motivation? Are you worried that your lifestyle choices are having a negative impact on your health or do you just want to feel stronger, trim down or tone up?
Maybe you have a special occasion or holiday coming up and want to look and feel your best? Let me help with an exercise and healthy nutrition program tailored to your needs.

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