Helen Lovett (Liverpool, now Amsterdam)

“My several months of personal training with Lindsey Holcroft positively turned my opinion of exercise on its head.

I was infamously uninterested in the gym and had tried to avoid any activity that vaguely resembled PE for almost 15 years. However, I had gained almost a stone in 6 months, my confidence was at an all-time low and I was ready, and desperate, to make a positive change in my life.

Though I had initially carried my longstanding reservations about exercise into the experience, Lindsey made every session so supportive, enjoyable and inspiring that I found myself pushing goals and workouts much further in my own time using her ideas.  Each session was a mixture of exercises, ensuring there was a harmonious balance for my body and fitness; all of which she explained so that I could understand the process behind it.

She listened to the ideas I had and was reactive to my feedback. She was understanding on the days when I couldn’t give it my all – coming up with alternative suggestions so that I could stay on track and motivated around everything else I had going on in my life.

As well as the desired changes to my body, I also, and more importantly, saw a very positive shift in perspective. My confidence began building again, not only in my physical appearance, but in my abilities and potential.

Unfortunately due to relocation oversees, I have had to end our sessions but I will be eternally be grateful of Lindsey’s unfaltering support. At 31, she inspired a newly discovered love of exercise in me. I would wholeheartedly recommend Lindsey Holcroft to anyone seeking any type of personal training, at any level, and for any reason.”