Where we train

We can train anywhere, the choice is yours! It is however important to me (if I can persuade you) that the majority of our sessions take place outdoors, due to all of the positive benefits that training in the fresh air can bring to overall health and well being.

I train clients in a variety of locations – from their own homes, garages and gardens to gyms, parks, workplaces and community centres. I also offer sessions from my own home, basically I’m flexible in this regard. It’s a case of what you do not where you do it!

I tailor PT programmes based on the client’s goals. I provide all training equipment including kettle bells, dumbells, barbells, swiss balls, medicine balls, pilates resistance bands, and other fab bits of kit! Believe it or not, equipment isn’t everything and you don’t need a huge gym. I’m adept at improvising an exercise session based on my surroundings.

The options are:

  • The convenience of your own home, workplace, garage or garden – I will bring all of the equipment to you, we can even train downstairs or in the garden whilst the children are tucked up in bed. 
  • Outdoor training in a local park (Sefton Park, Greenbank Park or Festival Gardens to name a few)
  • In my home/garden in South Liverpool.
  • Anywhere else that works for you!

(why not mix and match depending on your schedule or how you feel?)

It is about finding something that works for you however training in your own home is super convenient especially if time is precious, you like privacy or you have childcare issues.

Here are 6 reasons why training at home may work for you:

  • You don’t need a gym membership to keep fit and healthy.
  • You don’t need to worry about any gym related self-conscious issues, it’s your private space.
  • You don’t need to commute to a gym, making the most of your time.
  • You can train whilst the children are in bed if necessary.
  • You don’t need a babysitter.
  • You can even train whilst the children are awake – it’s easier than you think and I don’t mind if you don’t, I can involve little ones and have held a baby or two before.


Here are 7 of the many benefits of exercising outdoors in natural surroundings:

  • Lindsey Holcroft Personal Trainer Liverpool LogoFresh air has more oxygen.
  • Green spaces and trees raise serotonin levels improving mood, sleep and reducing anxiety.
  • More sensory stimulation.
  • Increases feelings of well-being and lowers depression.
  • Sun exposure increases vitamin D and helps to balance hormones.
  • Exposure to the elements make you feel more alive!